What’s Your Response?

CHALLENGES have been bombarding! CIRCUMSTANCES are crowding in! People are passing along their ANXIETY, FEAR, FRUSTRATION and ANGER my direction! Life seems a tad OVERWHELMING I cannot handle it!

Does any of this sound familiar? As challenges and circumstances overtake us, we do not need to be overwhelmed. As we work with people, we will not have perfect relationships because people are not perfect. We must point ourselves to the Word of God to see how He would have us respond.

While reading Galatians 5, the Holy Spirit changed my mind to a new way of thinking.

Stand fast in the liberty the Lord has given me. I have the power, through the Holy Spirit, to choose a different response to life and people. I can rise above circumstances, as if I was not involved in them, so the Holy Spirit and I can choose a different response. I do not need to take on other people’s anxiety, fear, frustration or anger. I do not need to be anxious, fearful, frustrated or angry. I can help them by asking them how I can pray for them instead. Satan is prowling around ~ seeking whom he may devour ~ that’s us Christian. (1 Peter 5:8) Satan does not want me to have the victory but I CAN have victory through the Lord!

Don’t be tangled up with my past way of doing things which really is bondage. The Lord can give me a new path to follow ~ a new way of doing things.

When you stumble, you may ask, “I ran well … what happened? Who made me stumble from obeying the truth?” The Bible says, “That response did not come from the Lord!”

The Lord and I will have another mind ~ another way of thinking as I allow Him to change me. I need to stop and pray. He will transform my thinking as I read His Word. (Romans 12:2)

The one who troubles me will bear his own judgment. The Lord will deal with the other person’s responses to life. I just need to forgive them.

I should not bite and devour anyone so I will not be consumed by anyone. I need to serve others through love instead whether that is through prayer, giving them a Bible verse, meeting a physical need, etc. I need to love my neighbor as myself.

I have the freedom to choose the right way to live so here are God’s strong words to us …

WALK IN THE SPIRIT! It kills fleshly ways!