Finally a Home!

Editor’s note:  This story in Jonni Sliver’s latest newsletter is so captivating, we wanted to post it here.  You can find Jonni’s entire newsletter here.

I have written about Cleberson before. He is a precious little guy who arrived in December of last year because his mom had literally thrown him away. He had been passed off to two relatives, both of whom treated him terribly and by the time he was just barely six, his mother arrived at the Miriam Home, opened the car door and told him to get out. She didn’t leave the car, give him a hug or say she loved him – she just drove away. It has been nearly ten months and Cleber’s mother hasn’t called or visited.  Cleber hasn’t asked for her either. This sweet little guy deserves better, He deserves parents that love him.

In February of this year a large annual youth retreat was held in Campo Mourao during the week of Carnaval. A couple, Juliano and Claudineia came with young people from Curitiba, partially because they are youth counselors in their home church, but partially because they wanted to meet Cleber. They have been praying for a time now about adopting and when they heard about him they felt God was speaking to them.

The first encounter didn’t last long; just a couple of hours together. Juliano and Cleber played soccer, then they went out for ice cream. For Cleber it was a nice time, making new friends; but for Juliano and Claudineia it was so much more! The “small voice” they had heard before now sounded like a shout! They entered in to contact with the juvnile officials here in Campo Mourao and in Curitiba to find out how they could adopt Cleber.

Of course there have been obstacles. The first was that there was already a couple who had expressed interest in Cleber (you could say they called dibs), and because they were already on the waiting list and lived here in Campo Mourao, they had priority. But Juliano and Claudineia didn’t give up or wait to see what happened they moved forward, to claim their son! The local couple began inviting Cleber to their home on the week-ends and holidays, to begin to bond. They are older (in their mid to late 60’s) and after a few weeks they found that the energy of a six year old is hard to keep up with! By June they decided that they weren’t able to adopt Cleber.

During those months Juliano and Claudineia had been assembling the wide array of documents, statements, and interviews to register as potential adoptive parents, but still another hurdle was before them: the backlog in the juvenile courts that kept the documents on a desk for months! It was the middle of September before this persevering couple finally heard that they could come to Campo Mourao to speak in person with the juvenile authorities here and spend time with Cleber. Their hope was that at the end of the week-end they would be able to take him home with them, but that wasn’t possible. The authorities want Cleber to stay here until the end of the school year (near the end of November). But Cleber has just returned from his first visit to Juliano and Claudineia’s home for a long week-end. He returned to tell us about his new room, his fun cousins, but mostly about his mom and dad, who love him. Finally, Cleber has found the family he deserves!  

Please Keep Praying for Cleber’s adoption process and that Juliano and Claudineia receive custody as soon as possible.  They would love for him to be home for his birthday, November 17th.