Thanks from the Coyles


Dear WMF Friends,

Thank you so much for your support of the Bible School Ministry here in Ukraine. Your prayers are integral, and we depend on them as we look to the Lord for His grace and power to work in and among us here.

Our Bible School students are on Christmas break now, and we request prayer for them as they spend time with their families and close ones. Would you pray especially for protection, assurance and comfort of His presence, guidance in family relationships, opportunities to share the Lord, and for His blessing in their lives? They are an awesome group, and we know you would love them!

We hope that each of you has a joy-filled and peaceful Christmas as we celebrate our Savior.

Love in Christ,
Andy and Monica Coyle

Thank You from Jonni Sliver


Nativity scene

Precious Ladies of the WMF,

The middle of Advent is a wonderful time for thinking about the gifts the Lord has brought in to our lives! I am so grateful for the Gift of life, grace and power God sent in His Son. And I am grateful for the lovely sisters in Christ I have in the WMF. You have encouraged me in so many ways and I can only thank the Lord and you for the rich blessing you have been.  The Lord bless you in wonderful way this Christmas and in 2013!

Thank You from the Schierkolks


Dear WMF friends,
Thanksgiving greetings to you from the Mission House at the ARC.  We have been very blessed to have this place to stay these last months and are so grateful to the WMF for their help in making this house a home for all of us missionary travelers:)  This past year has been a time of instability, uncertainty and loss but it has also been a year filled with blessings we didn’t expect and joys we weren’t counting on!  Isn’t that just the way God loves His children?!  We were originally “planning” on getting back to Jerez in September but we are delaying that just a couple of months.  We had a couple of very good meetings with the members of the World Missions committee in September and together with our family we agreed that we could go back to Jerez .  We don’t have the tickets in hand yet but we are planning on flying back to Mexico the middle of January.  We’re grateful for the adjusted time table because we’ll be able to spend a couple weeks during the Christmas season with Barb’s mom; the first holiday season after her husband, Barb’s dad, passed away this summer.  We are deeply indebted to all of you who have held us up in prayer this year.  We’re grateful for the many expressions of concern and for your continued prayers.

God’s rich blessings,
Todd, Barb, Rachel, Megan and Kirstie Schierkolk


Thank You from a Seminarian


One of the WMF projects is to support seminarians at our Association of Free Lutheran Congregations Seminary in Plymouth, MN. (AFLTS).  We recently received a wonderful thank you from one of the students.  What a wonderful testimony to the integrity of our seminary:

Thanks for supporting the seminarians in their studies through the book fund. We received the checks today. The AFLC seminary is one of a minority of seminaries in the U.S. that still holds unashamedly to the inerrancy of Scripture in everything it reveals, and for this I am thankful. Blessings to you and the WMF members.

Peace in Christ,
Jerrell Hein

God’s Wisdom in Answering Prayer


My sister-in-law, Tammy, decided to give out plastic cups one Halloween instead of candy.  One of her kindergarten students came to her door and Tammy placed the cup in her bucket.  “Is there candy to go with that?”  she asked.  Tammy replied “No”.  The student sighed and said, “Well, it’s better than nothing.”  I laughed and then I realized that when God answers prayers, sometimes, my response might as well be “Well it’s better than nothing.”  Shame on me for ever doubting God’s wisdom.