by Velma Amundson

I will be the first to admit that I am not a good gardener. In fact, I’m terrible. I like flowers, but my daughter has given me plants with the admonition, “Don’t kill it”. The other day I was weeding one of my flowerbeds. As I was weeding, the parable of the sower came to my mind.

“Other seeds fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked them.”  Matthew 13:7  (ESV)

I will admit my flowerbed was pretty weedy. I was positive I had just checked it and it was “ok”, but now there were weeds everywhere.  You couldn’t even see the flowers. There are weeds in our lives too. Sometimes we’ll go along thinking everything is fine, only to discover that we’ve been overrun with “weeds”, and we need to clean them out. The “weeds” will choke out our spiritual life.  We let things slide, like spending time alone with God, or studying the Bible. Perhaps we become “too busy”. Too busy to go to WMF, or to help with a project.

One of the things I’ve noticed about weeds, they can be beautiful. We don’t call them weeds because they’re ugly, but because they take over. Well, some of our “weeds” can start as something beautiful too. It could be a hobby we enjoy, talking on Facebook with our children, almost anything. But, before we know it, it’s taken over. It could even be the opposite, we’re trying to do too much. We all know people who seemingly can’t say, “No”, and leave no time for themselves or their family, or even God.

Weeds are persistent, too. We can pull them and pull them again. So are some of the weeds in our lives. We deal with them over and over again. We frequently fall into the same traps again and again.

The last thing I noticed, as I was weeding, was the bugs. I don’t know about you but I have a huge fear of spiders. And ticks are just creepy and icky. Well, I saw a couple of ticks in that flower bed. I couldn’t see them because of the weeds. So, in my mind, weeds are dangerous. They hide things. The same with the weeds in our lives. They can hide unseen dangers. They can also hide the path we are to take.

I know that after I weeded that flowerbed it looked beautiful again. In my life, I need to have God help me to weed out the unwanted things in my life, so that I can be “beautiful” for Him. I encourage you let God help you weed out your own lives, so that you, too, can be “beautiful” for God. A beautiful flowerbed giving glory to our God.