Thank You From Monica Coyle



Ladies’ Valentine Lunch

We send a big thank you to the WMF for your gifts of encouragement and support! We pray for your ministry, and the many groups of women meeting throughout the US, that the Lord’s grace and love bless many.

We are currently enjoying three former AFLBS students here with us (Sam Olek, Josiah Nelson, and Luke Quanbeck), youth ministry interns who complete their service here in Ukraine this month. They have a full schedule during their short time in Odessa, but our family was especially blessed to have them with us.

Andy has a busy teaching schedule this month, as he has taught Acts and now is finishing Romans, and has several weekend seminars. This past Saturday I hosted the ladies from our school and some staff who could come. It was such a great time (photo attached)!

Thank you all for your prayers. May the Lord bless you!
Monica Coyle