He’s Got It!

by Sarah Langness

I’m not much of a singer. In fact, you could probably classify me as tone-deaf. One day, after a “try to see if you can match this note” session with my husband, I commented to him how one of the biggest disappointments for me in not having a good singing voice was that I wouldn’t be able to sing lullabies to our children someday. Interestingly, the little man hasn’t thrown his hands over his ears when I sing to him . . . so far, anyways. And those moments when we’re snuggling and singing before nap time happen to be some of my most precious times with him.

One of my favorites to sing to Ezekiel – whether I’m settling him down for a nap, giving him his nightly bath, or trying to make the 500 miles from Beulah to Minneapolis less traumatic – is “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”. I like to make up my own verses too, make the song more personal, more specific to our family and our current situation. So sometimes we sing “He’s got your grandpa’s and your grandma’s in His hands” or “He’s got your aunts and your uncles in His hands” or, when the weather is rough and our tires our bad, “He’s got the ice and the tires in His hands”.

You know what else I like about this song? It’s a good reminder for me too. Because many times, I tend to think that the future, our safety, our lives, is in my hands. But it’s not. It’s in His. And it’s not only my heartaches, my concerns, my worries, or my sorrows that are in His hands. am in His hands.

“‘Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.'” – Isaiah 41:10 

Remember, no matter how difficult the situation may seem, He’s got it. He’s got you. He is the LORD.

God Goes Before Us

by Lynn Wellumson

We have enjoyed for years getting Christmas cards and letters from friends and family.  They, without exception, highlight the good times had by the family through the past year.  This has included new births, job promotions, children with stellar grades, new homes, and exotic vacations.  We have most years written a letter of our own recalling the blessings and joys of the past year.

One author, after a glowing report, of unusually gifted and talented children, job promotions, and a dog with perfect manners closed his letter with a P.S which read “other things happened too, but they don’t look good in print”.

How thankful we are that God has gone before us in 2013.  We can trust His mercy and grace will not only be sufficient but will cover us.  We are thankful for His promise of forgiveness and mercy to those who call upon His name and trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ.  In our humanness we need His promise of eternal life and the joy of entering His kingdom.  We can face the future with optimism and hope even with the knowledge that things will happen that wouldn’t look good in print.