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 I invite you to get a more personal look at the lives of John & Ruby Abel, our AFLC pioneer missionaries in Brazil, who are still actively serving the Lord in retirement.  You will find it interesting, informative, and inspiring.  This down-to-earth autobiography will increase your love and appreciation for this extraordinary couple, just as it did for me.  Learn the beginnings of our Brazil mission work, the challenges they faced, and the way that God protected them again and again.  Get to know the heart of this evangelist whose greatest desire is to lead people to saving faith in Jesus Christ.


—  In l971, John and Ruby and their 7 children drove 15,000 miles in a station wagon from Minnesota to Brazil!  There were         lots of adventures in that 4-month trip of a lifetime!

—  In  Bolivia in l953 when their son Jonathan was 3 weeks old, and John was gone on a Brazil trip for two weeks, Ruby was in extreme pain from a gall bladder attack.  She and baby Jonathan were admitted to a mission hospital for surgery.  When John returned 2 weeks later to surprise her in the hospital, he didn’t recognize her because she was so pale and thin.

—  In Brazil in 1954 when Paul was born, he was turning blue because of embryonic fluid that he had sucked into his lungs.  He was considered a “miracle baby” when he began to breath normally on the seventh day, after many people prayed that his life would be spared to be used for God’s glory.

—  In 1965, Ruby needed surgery for a hip infection.  When she got to her room after the surgery, the nurse could find no vital signs.  The doctor came on the run, elevated her and began massaging her heart, and she began to breathe.

Read this book.  You’ll be blessed!                                                                                           Linda Korhonen