A Slippery Spring

by Jonni Sliver

I apologize to all of those with sore backs, aching shoulders or just plain blues because of our extended winter; I’m afraid it might be my fault!

I am pretty sure you all understand that leaving Brazil caused a lot of mixed emotions. Two years isn’t very long to be on the field and in some ways it feels like I just got in the groove and it was time to request a new visa. It was hard leaving the children in the Miriam Home, especially knowing that many (or all) of them could be gone by the time I get back. The Miriam Home team is small in numbers and I feel I left them shorthanded. On the other hand, it is wonderful to be home, it is a treat to visit as many of the AFLC families as possible, and the WMF women who have so richly embraced the Miriam Home. AND to make those visits in a beautiful Minnesota spring – what could be better!

I love the idea of escaping a Minnesota winter – not the cold (a good Norwegian sweater and some wool socks and you’re set), and certainly not the incredible fairy land scenery of coated trees, but the roads. I hate driving on slippery, slushy roads. And when you arrive the beginning of April, you expect showers, not flakes. But not this year!

The first three weeks of April have looked an awful lot like January, and though my visits to churches and WMF Rallies have nicely fallen between snowstorms last Thursday I was not so fortunate. Returning to the Twin Cities I started out in an icy rain, turning into sleet. Heading down Interstate 694 the sleet turned to slush. I found car after car passing me; they obviously felt more confident than I did. Then, just past Maple Grove we saw the first car on the shoulder of the road. Within the next three miles there were five more cars on the sides, facing in the wrong directions – suddenly I wasn’t the only car driving 50 mph on the freeway!

I made it safe and sound to Bloomington, arriving with a  reminder of a couple of things I already knew. First, we were not made for fear. There are moments when fear is a real blessing – it keeps us from petting lions or walking in the middle of the street. But in general, making decisions based on fear will keep us from hearing God’s voice and following it. Second, God knows our weak points and He is loving enough to put us in places where we can choose to trust Him. Like on I-694 in the “Spring”.