Three Months Ago, Round 2

Three months ago, my mom had her first total knee replacement surgery. Three months ago, my sister-in-law had emergency surgery for a burst Meckle’s Diverticulum.

Last week, my mom had her second total knee replacement surgery. Last week, I received a text from my brother that said, “Round 2”; my sister-in-law was having another CT scan for pain in the area of her previous surgery. Today she had surgery to remove a dermoid cyst on her ovary.

Given – one of these surgeries was planned. Both times. But in all honesty, when I got that text from my brother last Friday, I couldn’t help but think, “Really? What next?” My heart was heavy and I (the one not having surgery) was tired of the unexpected.

But in the midst of my down-heartedness, I was reminded to remember. To remember the Lord’s faithfulness in the past. How, three months ago, He had taken care of my mom in that planned surgery. How her recovery went well. How grateful she is for that new knee.

I was reminded to remember how, three months ago, He had taken care of my brother and his wife in that unplanned surgery. How He was with them in the midst of the fear and uncertainty. How He provided for their every need.

There’s a verse from the Psalms that encourages me to remember these things –

“Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.” – Psalm 37:3, NASB

But my favorite part? A footnote that says this verse could read – “feed on His faithfulness”

Our God is always faithful. Sometimes, in the midst of pain, in the midst of uncertainty, in the midst of fear, it’s easy to forget. But He is indeed faithful. We simply need to look back and remember how He has proved that faithfulness in the past. How He has been present. How He has provided. How He has never left.