Diapers and Grace

Little things can have a big impact. Like diapers. The Miriam Home receives donations once a week, usually fruits and vegetables, sometimes day old baked goods. Last month the donation included large disposable diapers – the first time we have received them since I’ve been here. And it was funny timing…we didn’t have any babies in the house and hadn’t for a while. Then two hours later a familiar white car pulled up, one that belongs to the juvenile authorities, bringing two year old Nicholas to us.

This sweet little boy is with us because of neglect at home but each person involved is telling a different story and Nicholas isn’t the first member of the family to stay in the Miriam Home.  We have cared for all three of his older siblings in the past.  It is hard to say right now how long he will be with us. But it was the timing of his arrival (and the diapers) that touched my heart!

I normally do the weekly shopping for the Miriam Home and, like most families, the bill comes in pretty close to money available.  Baby things are expensive:  formula, diapers, wipes and ointment.  Just to be honest, they send chills through me because I know what they do to the budget!!! God knows too, so He sent us diapers before He sent Nicolas.

The question isn’t if the Miriam Home can afford to buy diapers, but that our Father knows the beginning from the end and meets our every need! More than that, it was a reminder for me that the Father knows my heart and makes sure I can see His grace! I hate to admit it, but it is easy for me to fall into worry – yes, Jonni, the missionary, worries. I know better.  The front half of my brain is confidant and secure. But the back half wakes me up in the middle of the night faster than a hot flash with the “what ifs”. Things like what if the visa doesn’t come through?  I am coming home the beginning of April to request a new visa. As clearly as I “know” that my days are in the hands of the Father and not an official in any embassy, my spirit needs to be reminded, and the Father is faithful to do that too!

I am so thankful that the Lord understands me better than I do myself. He not only meets my needs but guards my heart. Thank you, Father!