by Velma Amundson

I like candles. I like to light up my living room in the evening and watch the flames flicker. It soothes me. I read somewhere that the human eye can see the light from a single candle two miles away. It seems almost impossible to me. But, driving home at night along country roads, I can see yard lights and house lights and know that they are at least that far away, and sometimes even more.

In the church year, we use light and dark. In Advent, we build from the steady light of the Pentecost season until the “Light of the World” enters to a fully lighted church. Epiphany blazes out the light of Christ. I’ve been known to do a candle theme similar to Advent, only in reverse. I begin with the number of candle in that Epiphany season (say 6) and each week remove one candle until Lent when only one candle is left. We’ve then entered the dark period of Lent when we take the time to examine our lives; to remove the sin in our life and examine our relationship with Christ. Easter again lights up the world with the light of Christ. The Day of Pentecost shines forth bright, sending the Light of Christ into the world, to fade into the season of Pentecost; a time of growth and learning.

Right now we’re in that dark period of Lent, with only one candle burning. I’m glad they say that one candle will guide us home. One candle is enough to hold off the dark and lead us to Christ. I pray that one candle will hold you and guide you. I pray that Christ’s light will continue to shine in your life; leading you safely into the full light of Christ’s love and grace.