WAGNER URGENT UPDATE: Ebola & Evacuation

WAGNERS update 7-29-14ACTION: With great sadness we inform you that we have to leave Sierra Leone for a short time until the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is controlled.

WHY: The Ebola virus has begun infecting people in our city and civil unrest is a growing concern. Up until this week, we’d been planning to stay and were taking appropriate safety precautions. Unfortunately the outbreak has reached a point where our work and family activities are significantly restricted. It appears that things are likely to get worse before they improve.

WHERE & HOW LONG: We are initially going to LBT’s home office in Aurora, IL for debriefing and discussion of plans while we wait to return to Sierra Leone. We are evacuating with essentials and valuables and saving everything else in Sierra Leone for our return.

HOW WE FEEL: Heartbroken. We write this with tears and deep disappointment. We were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of cultural stress and adjustment, a difficult pregnancy, and much sickness. We were seeing a way forward. Now we have to leave. While we know God’s ways are greater than ours, our emotions are raw. It’s especially difficult to leave our local partners, the work, our neighbors and friends. Most people don’t believe that Ebola is real or that it’s as bad as it is. We feel burdened to plead to God for their physical lives but also their spiritual lives. We plan to return. We plan to see the Word going forth and touching lives… in Themne.

FINANCIAL SITUATION: As evacuation plans continue to develop, we don’t know what our situation will be for the next several months. We know we have unexpected travel costs and living expenses as we keep our home in Sierra Leone and live in the USA for a short time.

– we can obtain an emergency passport for Isaiah (2.5 weeks old).
– we would be able to get tickets to travel with family visiting—Ruthie’s mom and Josh’s sister and brother-in-law. (Praise God they’re here to help us!!!)
– for the epidemic to be controlled and that people would believe!
– for encouragement, strength, and protection for the Themne translation team.

Thanks, Team, for standing with us,
Josh, Ruthie, Elijah (2yo), & Isaiah (2.5wks)

Missionaries with LBT to Sierra Leone



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Michigan District WMF Retreat

Held April 25-26, 2014

Michigan Retreat 0414--LW--web ready


The cold temps did not keep the Michigan women from coming to Lake Ellen Bible Camp near Crystal Falls, Michigan!  They were tucked into cozy rooms and comfy great areas to learn more of “Loving God’s Abundant Life” from John 10:10.


Carol Mackey--LW--web ready



Carol Mackey was the MC and had us giggling despite the recent loss of her mom.  Much reflection took place as we “examined ourselves”, allowed the Lord to do “heart surgery” on us, learned how to study the Bible on our own, shared how the Lord abundantly blesses us as we spend time with Him and learned how we can, in turn, share those blessings with others.


One of the participants wrote:
“Thanks so much for all you have shared with us here at Lake Ellen.  It was no accident that I came this weekend.  All you have shared from God’s word and what was on your heart has blessed me and was just what I needed to hear.  God is good!  I am so glad that you and your friends were willing to give of yourselves to encourage and bless me more than you know.  Your love for Jesus and a desire that others do too radiates from within you.  My life was so blessed in a mighty way today.  God bless you as you continue the work for the sake of the Kingdom.”

Another wrote:
“Thank you so much for coming all this way to spend today with us!  What a blessing to be among sisters in the Lord, and be encouraged and challenged.  We are in a rough season of life, and I often find my “tank” dry.  To be in God’s presence without the stressors, spending time drawing strength from His Word is absolutely essential, to be able to go back and face the battle head-on!  God IS good, and it will be HE that brings us through.  Thank you so much!”

And to that we say, “To God be the glory!”

If your ladies’ group desires for a National WMF Board Member or representative to encourage your women in the Word or would like to learn more about WMF, please contact:

Dawn Johnson
WMF Executive Secretary
2991 30TH Ave., Wilson, WI 54027
(715) 772-4454
ctk@wwt.net OR wmf.es@aflc.org

Michigan Retreat Waiting--LW--web ready

WMF DAY Registration and Information

You are invited to attend the 52nd Annual WMF Day which is held in conjunction with the AFLC Annual Conference in Valley City, North Dakota, June 10, 2014.

Our Theme for the day is:

Come, Follow Me
Matthew 19:21

Jesus said to him, “If you wish to be complete, go and sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven; and Come, Follow Me.” Matthew 19:21 (NASB, emphasis added).

Highlights for the day include:

  • Registration will begin at 8 a.m. with the program at 9 a.m.
  • WMF Day choir which will practice at 8:30 a.m. and will perform later in the morning. (You may practice “Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us” Ambassador Hymnal # 450 ahead of time.)
  • Bible study leader is author Vicki Johnson will be our morning Bible Study leader and will also be presenting a Dramatic Monologue in the afternoon.
  • Workshops
    Katelyn Gudim-short term assistant to Uganda Missionaries,
    Marian Christopherson –Christian Education,
    Lori Willard—Prayer and Journaling,
    Esther Hylden—“Be Hospitable…without Grumbling!” 
  • PLEASE NOTE: If your congregation has had members pass away this year, you may email the funeral bulletin to Dawn Johnson at ctk@wwt.net or send to 2991  30th Ave., Wilson, WI 54027 and they will be recognized during the Memorial Service.

Missions Festival Service speaker will be Michael Furchert.  Christian Speaker, pianist and writer, Michael Furchert, grew up behind the Berlin Wall and brings an inspiring message of hope, faith and freedom to Americans. From the Nazi regime of Hitler Germany, throughout WWII and Communism, from the rise of the Berlin Wall to its celebrated fall, three generations of his family held true to their faith and experienced God’s sustaining power throughout turbulent times of European history. To see more on Michael go to his website at www.MichaelFurchert.com. We will also have a presentation by the puppeteers from Dickinson.

WMF Breakfast speakers will be the Justo Pillman family from Ecuador, AFLC Missionaries

They will be sharing on their work in Ecuador.


Please use this form to register for the WMF Convention and luncheon on Tuesday, June 10, and for the WMF breakfast on Wednesday, June 11, 2014.



City:______________________________ State:___________ Zip:__________________

Home congregation:________________________________________________________


*Registration $9    
Tuesday Luncheon $13    
Wednesday Breakfast $  8    



*The registration fee is required for all attending the convention. Make checks payable to “WMF of AFLC” and mail to: WMF Treasurer, Lois Grothe, 3745 Franklin Ave., Astoria, OR 97103. Registrations must be postmarked by May 31, 2014. Preregistration is required to attend the luncheon. Childcare and VBS will be provided.


Attention Quilters

The Alaska mission is in need of more quilts to hand out.  They have used up all of their supply when The Net was open.  If you are interested in  helping  out please do.

It would probably be best to send the quilts directly to KAKN Radio. There address is posted below. As far as shipping, Pastor Lee has repeatedly said that flat rate Priority Boxes from the USPS get to Naknek faster and cheaper than Fed-Ex or UPS.

KAKN Radio / Quilt Drive
PO Box 214
Naknek, AK 99633

WMF News

Three years ago, the women attending the 2009 WMF Day at Annual Conference voted to fund the AFLC development director position at $500 per month.  These donations can be sent directly to our WMF treasurer with a note that the funds are for that position.  As of today, donations have not kept pace with the expense.  Please consider what your local WMF could do to help.

1) The board has chosen projects to support for each of our ministries in 2013:
Ambassador Publications:  printing 7th/8th grade curriculum
World Missions:  $500 per month per missionary (1 unit)
Home Missions: Parish builder training/radio and aviation ministry in Alaska
AFLTS:  our goal (pending donations) is $100 towards books per seminarian per semester, the remainder would go towards continuing education of faculty
AFLBS:  replacing furniture in the prayer room and updating Heritage Hall furnishings and finally appropriate wall art

2) The 2013 WMF Bible study is called “Genesis” by Sandra Weaver.

3) We will meet with seminary wives in January to encourage them and inform them of the work of the WMF.  We will also host a pastor’s wives luncheon during the winter Bible conference.

4)We have provided the 2012 WMF Bible study to all AFLBS women.

5) June 2013 is the annual gathering of the WMF held in conjunction with the annual conference.  The WMF day theme will be “Forever O Lord…Your settled Word and Your enduring faithfulness”.  Psalm 119:89-90

6) A WMF Facebook page has been created.  Check it out!  Stay updated on WMF activities on the new WMF blog

7) Board members are available to come to your church or district, at no charge, to assist in regular or special programs.

WMF Resource Manual

It is here!  The WMF Resource Manual is ready.  Some of the WMF groups who attended WMF Day and Conference 2012 received their copies while there.  These Manuals contain all the information that you need as a WMF that is functioning or as a women’s group interested in getting a WMF started.  It explains the set up and function of the WMF on all three levels (local, district and national) with other information on Bible study helps, women’s ministry and leadership development.  It has project descriptions, missionary information and program ideas from which to draw.  It also includes some history of how the WMF began and who has served as officers throughout the years.  We hope to get the rest of the manuals distributed by the end of the year to those who didn’t receive their copies yet.  The grant that we received did not cover all of the expense of the manual, so if your WMF group or ladies would like to give towards this project please send a donation to our treasurer Lois Grothe.