Snow Daze

By Velma Amundson

Most of us in the colder areas of the United States understand winter, I mean with a capital W and bold, you know WINTER. By this time of year we are so sick of being cold and looking out our windows and seeing nothing but white. White ground, white skies, sometimes I think even the air is white. We’re tired of having to bundle up in our coats and walk on “eggshells” to keep from slipping on the ice.

I know you get it. Today I was sitting in a restaurant silently grousing about at least two more months of winter, regardless of what the calendar says. I know we probably won’t get spring before the end of April. Anyway, as I sat there silently grousing, a Bible verse popped into my head. Now, I know when I give it to you, you’re going to say I’m using it strangely. And, you’re right. But you will see it works. The verse is from Genesis 2:6, “and a mist was going up from the land and was watering the whole face of the ground”, ESV.

It dawned on me. I had written a book for my granddaughter about the life cycle of a tree, from spring through winter and back to spring again. I had told her that God knew that even the plants needed to rest, so He made them to “sleep” in the winter. If it rained now, while the plants were dormant, they couldn’t use the water, they’re “sleeping”. Not only that but that blanket of snow on the ground acts exactly like a blanket, insulating the roots of the trees and the dormant plants, protecting them through winter. Then when spring approaches and the land begins to warm up and the snow melts there is water available for the reemerging plants. Without this cycle, it just wouldn’t work.

The Bible verse reminded me that God cares for His creation. In His wisdom, He knew how to make things just right. My grousing turned right then into praise. I praise God that He has the wisdom. I know that He will care for the world, for me and all of His children.


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