The Great Physician

by Velma Amundson

I have just brought my husband home today from having a knee replacement. John and I have been talking about all the marvelous things that doctors can do now, or how things have changed from how they were done before, like getting people up and about earlier, shorter hospital stays, etc. It amazes me all the things that they can do. They can take a knee that is painful, and replace it giving the person a new lease on life so that they can continue their daily routines. They can fix hearts and increase the likelihood for premature babies to survive. These and many other miracles are being done every day.

As miraculous as these things are, Christians have it even better. Jesus is known as “The Great Physician”. Isn’t it wonderful to know that we can always turn to him with our problems and our illnesses and He hears us and heals us. He heals us from sin, and from our separation from God. I think if that were all it would be more than enough. But our physician God has compassion on us with our illnesses. We rightly rejoice when we are healed of physical illnesses. Those who have long suffered from an illness know, there is more than one type of healing. Sometimes the healing is a spiritual healing, where God can use us in our weakness to touch others. Never sell yourself short, because the example that is shown when a Christian suffers illness of any form and still puts their trust in God is huge.

Then, there is the final healing. Sometimes when the answer to the illness is death, we think God said “No”, or didn’t answer, or even doesn’t care. But I don’t think that’s true. I think that is the ultimate, final healing. We know that in heaven there are no tears, no illness, and we are at peace, praising God eternally. So, no matter what form of healing our Great Physician gives us, let us rejoice that we have a God that we can turn to, who understands what we go through and has great compassion for us.

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