Day 22 of 90: Wagner Update in Ghana

Day 20_2

Picture #1, Inside: This is where we live for the first month of three. We appreciate and enjoy the accommodations very much. Yes, that’s a little local girl coming for a visit. We have an attached bathroom with running water, a shower, and a flush toilet. Ahhhh. Mosquito netting is our friend.

Day 20_3Picture #2, Outside: This shows the TICCS* compound, where we’re living and studying this month. Our room in the top picture is the far left one with the two chairs. In the bottom picture the guest house building in the center is where we live and the building in the back left is where we eat and attend classes. It’s beautiful here and they regularly sweep the leaves/dirt outside – kind of like raking. Weather is tropical, but dry and very dusty, especially during the current harmattan season.

*TICCS (Tamale Institute of Cross Cultural Studies) provides cross-cultural orientation classes, field trips, language learning opportunities, and a wonderful place to stay.

Day 20_1Picture #3, Consumables: We enjoy snacks like yogurt and ice cream in a bag, and the crackers are delightful. We drink enormous amounts of ‘pure water’, all from sachets like the one Josh has. They’ve told us which brands to trust. 🙂 The local food is nearly always something pounded or rice with a soup or stew, typically with ground nuts (aka peanuts) or okra. I’m pounding yam and cassava together (to make fufu). Ama, the woman next to me is the one who has been cooking delicious food for us. Tonight we had the food in the bottom left called bunku with okra soup. Mango and pineapple are both indescribably good too.

Editor’s note:  If you want to check out the updates for Wagners, you can visit their Facebook page and request membership!

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