The Saints in our Lives

Yesterday was All Saints Day. I’ve been thinking about saints…a lot. When I was a child, I thought a saint was some super-duper, really, really, really good and HOLY person. Oh, and you had to be dead. So I knew it wasn’t anything I would have to worry about. No chance of my being a saint. So, the verse in Romans 1:7 where Paul says: “To all those in Rome who are called to be saints”, or Romans 8:13, where Paul says to contribute to the needs of the saints, made no sense to me. Did they stick all those super-duper, really good, HOLY people in Rome, and if they were dead, what did they need?  Imagine my surprise when I understood Psalm 31:23: “Love the Lord all his saints..” I am a saint. Not because I’m really good, but because Jesus’ blood washes away all my sin. Jesus makes me a saint.  So I wanted to share two of the saints in my life, with you.

The first is my mother. She’s always been there for me when I needed her. She taught me to love God even before I could walk. She made sure I went to Sunday School, taught me and prayed for me and with me. She had, and has, this one annoying habit, at least it was annoying when I was a child or a teenager. When I would bring a problem to her, she would say, “Pray about it”, and I would be like, “And how is that supposed to help”? But it always did. She still prays, and still teaches. I’m glad that God made her my mom.

The other saint, was a neighbor lady we had. When I was a teenager in 1968, the turmoil in the world truly troubled me. When I had all I could take, I went to see Molly. Molly was a very devout Catholic lady. We used to watch her as she walked to Mass every morning. I don’t think she ever missed. But, one day I went to her, all upset about what was going on in the world. I will never forget what she told me: “Velma, we both worship the same God. Maybe not the same way, but the same God. And, no matter what is going on in the world, God is still in control, so, let’s pray.” I pray God blessed that lady her whole life. I know he did.

I told you about these women in my life because I have a prayer, a double prayer, for you. I pray that God places a saint in your life to guide you, to pray with you. And, I pray that you will be a saint to someone, guide them, pray with them, be there for them.

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